Hey, I'm Hamedia.

UX designer with a passion for creating people-centered design.

Featured Projects

Below are personal projects I’ve worked on.

Yellow App

Sustainability in Online Shopping and Returns

This project initially aimed to develop eco-friendly solutions for online clothing shopping and returns, with a focus on promoting ethical and sustainable consumption. However, it evolved to address the challenge of excessive online shopping habits.

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Sound Transit App

User-Centered Redesign for Seattle's Light Rail

This project aims to improve the Seattle light rail experience for regular commuters and frequent travelers by addressing existing user frustrations and enhancing overall usability.

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NAO & HRI (In-progress)

NAO Enhancing Wellbeing Through HRI

This project explores how NAO can foster positive interactions with people, gently guiding them to prioritize their own health over gaming. Leveraging the potential of human-robot interaction, we aim to enhance overall wellbeing.

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